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rescue their cry

Impoverish Culture

Millions of people in South Asia are illiterate and for these people, they are taken advantage of. Others can be well educated but can’t find employment due to their race.

Example 1: A farmer’s crop may fail and their immediate need is to feed their family. Due to not having now the money to buy food, they sign a loan from what the western world calls a ‘loan shark’. But not realising they have signed a loan that they are more than likely, never be able to repay back.

Within months, if not weeks, unable to keep up their payment, the loan shark returns removing the family and selling them to a brickyard owner. This now pays off the loan shark but now they are indebted to the brickyard owner.

Giving accommodation of a small brick shed or straw shack on the grounds or near the brickyard they start work at first sun rise and some will work through to the going down of the sun. Each family member having to work to meet the target of 1,000 bricks to attain $4 (£3.30), of which they than can buy food. When the yard is closed due to rain or such, no work, no money, no food!

With their money being used to buy food and not pay off their loans in the brickyard, some of these families will be here for several generations, dying where they were left years previous.

Some of these loans can be as little as £250, and cleared, re-housed, job provided, education for parents and children… these lives can become a life that now will help others in these areas.

All they need now is a helping hand… will you be one of those hands?

Example 2: Educated with a very high degree with their life in front of them but due to the poverty in the State of Nagaland (India) they need to move out of it to mainland. Due to looking more Asian than Indian, outside the State they are mistreated, abused, beat up and downtrodden. With no ability to leave they’re passion for life is set aside wondering what will happen to them?

Whether reaching the illiterate in the brickyards or the educated Rescue Their Cry seeks to make a difference and a nation will rise under the power of the living Christ.

Together we can and will make a difference!

Rescue Their Cry

Their only voice; the cry of their heart!

Why does it happen?

In some cases, families have been enslaved for years, third and fourth generation! Learn what makes it happen?

Food For All

If the children/families are not able to work, they don’t receive money for food. Help us supply food parcels!


Sometimes it takes more than a hope, it takes action. Learn how your action can rescue the lives of these precious children!

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