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To inspire, empower and deliver self-sustaining innovations where people are the heart.



Whether it’s the poverty-stricken State of Nagaland, India, or the brickyards of Pakistan our teams visit the locations and build a relationship with the locals. Only after the relationship is built that our action plan comes into play.


  • Supply clean water and monthly support food parcels
  • Clear the debt a family owes
  • Move family into secure clean accommodation
  • Provide job for parents (of their choice)
  • Provide education for parents and children
  • Families will live in a community with people that has passion to change lives
  • Built and equip schools in areas of illiterate
  • Establish educational hubs, employment, leading to empowering them







Remember the poor and their children
Emaciated and lost under poverty’s reign
Slaving their half-naked selves for food
Crying to be given a decent livelihood 
Unable to break the cycle of slavery
Enduring extreme labour and drudgery  

They have no dreams for tomorrow
Hear the cry of anguish and sorrow
Echoing their sub-human pitiable plight
Innocent lives deprived of deserved rights
Remember them in your hearts tonight

Care for them while they can be cared
Rescue their cry while they can be heard
Your can make their world a better place 


BECOME PART OF THE BIGGER PICTURE… help transform these precious lives.

Whether you can donate £5, or thousands, or write Rescue Their Cry into your will, together we can accomplish a lot!

  • Family monthly food parcel – £25 per month
  • Medicine/hygiene – £25 per month
  • Education for parent – £25 per month
  • Education for child – £15 per month
  • Accommodation – £250 per month
  • Water pump inserted – £250



Become an ambassador for Rescue Their Cry by holding corporate events, tea gatherings, group talks, sponsorship walk, etc. We’ll provide you with our information pack plus video footage that you can show to your group.

Introduce Rescue Their Cry to your local schools for our cross-cultural classes. Information packs can be sent to the school. Where possible a local or international representative from Nagaland or Pakistan can attend.

“A steam train will never reach its destination without coal; likewise, we will never reach our destination without your help. We appreciate your sacrifice of giving.”

Let us know what country or project you wish to support when you donate…


Cross cultural educational program through Primary Schools.
This cross-cultural program is being developed by head Primary School teachers in Northern Ireland and a development team of Maurice Wylie Media, all devoting their time FREE to the development.

This program will then be rolled out through the schools in the UK/Ireland telling the story of the Brickyard Children (Pakistan) and the Civil War Children (Nagaland, India). Creating awareness of the plight within schools in India and Pakistan will give children in the West more appreciation of what their school offers them, their homes, families etc. in comparison to others. Money then raised through these schools will help the children of Pakistan and India develop in both education and educational facilities.


Civil War Children, Nagaland, India.

Post-Civil War restoration.
One of the longest civil wars in the world and still ongoing with a shaky peace agreement has torn the State of Nagaland to threads, causing immense poverty among the people. Infrastructure (roads) is extremely dangerous due to potholes that can swallow a car (when it is raining you don’t see the pothole). Yet, the people try their best to start businesses working with tools 100 years behind.

With Nagaland being a farming community, Rescue Their Cry is developing a Farming Enterprise, where the farmers can be given the right equipment, training and financial help to create a leading industry in NE India.

Through these farms young from the cities are taken on breaks away from drug temptations to further train them on education, business management, and help develop businesses through them. Partnering with churches in Nagaland each training school will include Bible classes.


Brickyard Children, Pakistan.

Releasing the Children from the Brickyards.
Our first priority is to keep the children and the parents alive by making sure they have food when the brickyards are closed. If they do not work, they do not get fed and remember it’s only at accomplishing 1000 bricks, they earn.

While we maintain help with food and hygiene supplies (when required), we are presently looking for accommodation inside the church zone (the safest area for Christians) in Karachi. The accommodation will hold three families, which adds to their security and also helps them come through the trauma they suffered in the years of the brickyard.

We have secured a church building and a school teacher who will teach the adults how to read and write (part of the reason they found themselves in the brickyard), and this then will qualify them for a better job in several months’ time.


Where needed the most…

Emergencies do happen.
There have been times when the brickyard has been closed due to heavy rain and the workers then cannot work. If they don’t work they do not receive money for food.

Children in war torn families in Nagaland may not receive food at their schools due to collapsed roads which is common among rain season.

The above is only examples where Rescue Their Cry has to move food swiftly into these areas to stop starvation.

About Us

In August 2019 Maurice and Maureen Wylie visited South Asia never realising that their lives would never be the same from that one visit!

Previous to the trip, they had asked what could they take with them that would help/encourage the children and the parents of the brickyard? Expecting to hear, clothes or sweets, they were taken back when the children asked… “CLEAN WATER!”

Shortly the idea of seeing how many bottles of water could be taken into the brickyard village it went to, we wondered can we put in a water pump? After attaining permission, a water pump was fitted, children and parents receiving clean water for the first time.

Then they visited the brickyards… nothing could prepare them for this!

The heat of the day was inescapable for them, God help those families working in it long hours. Meeting the manager of the brickyard, to him it was just a job and the families were just another number. But then…

Seeing children from the age of six upwards, and their parents, working away in the mud, children with no footwear, some even with no clothes, working with no complaints, for if they don’t work, they don’t get paid. If they don’t get paid then they don’t get food. When they make 1,000 bricks they receive $4, (£3.30).

As a large number of these families are Christian, the day Maurice and Maureen arrived they were allowed to have a church service before departure from the brickyard.

Overwhelmed with what they witnessed within the brickyards, they travelled to the church building: a building that the children and parents had built with their own hands using the bricks of the factory. Each one arrived into the building washed: water was still dropping off them and took their seats. Within seconds from the youngest to the oldest were clapping and singing, one would have thought they had just received the best ever present. Yet, this was them… working in extreme conditions; but when it was time to worship God, they give Him their all.

We  would love if you were able to help us rescue these children and parents from these brickyards, some of which are being sexually abused by the owners and their friends of the yards. Time is… Precious!

As part of our vision it is vital that we can educate, train and employ those that we have reached, and in turn allow them to reach others.

Impoverish Culture

Millions of people in South Asia are illiterate and for these people, they are taken advantage of. Others can be well educated but can’t find employment due to their race.

Example 1: A farmer’s crop may fail and their immediate need is to feed their family. Due to not having now the money to buy food, they sign a loan from what the western world calls a ‘loan shark’. But not realising they have signed a loan that they are more than likely, never be able to repay back.

Within months, if not weeks, unable to keep up their payment, the loan shark returns removing the family and selling them to a brickyard owner. This now pays off the loan shark but now they are indebted to the brickyard owner.

Giving accommodation of a small brick shed or straw shack on the grounds or near the brickyard they start work at first sun rise and some will work through to the going down of the sun. Each family member having to work to meet the target of 1,000 bricks to attain $4 (£3.30), of which they than can buy food. When the yard is closed due to rain or such, no work, no money, no food!

With their money being used to buy food and not pay off their loans in the brickyard, some of these families will be here for several generations, dying where they were left years previous.

Some of these loans can be as little as £250, and cleared, re-housed, job provided, education for parents and children… these lives can become a life that now will help others in these areas.

All they need now is a helping hand… will you be one of those hands?

Example 2: Educated with a very high degree with their life in front of them but due to the poverty in the State of Nagaland (India) they need to move out of it to mainland. Due to looking more Asian than Indian, outside the State they are mistreated, abused, beat up and downtrodden. With no ability to leave they’re passion for life is set aside wondering what will happen to them?

Whether reaching the illiterate in the brickyards or the educated Rescue Their Cry seeks to make a difference and a nation will rise under the power of the living Christ.

Together we can and will make a difference!

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