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In August 2019 Maurice and Maureen Wylie visited South Asia never realising that their lives would never be the same from that one visit!

Previous to the trip, they had asked what could they take with them that would help/encourage the children and the parents of the brickyard? Expecting to hear, clothes or sweets, they were taken back when the children asked… “CLEAN WATER!”

Shortly the idea of seeing how many bottles of water could be taken into the brickyard village it went to, we wondered can we put in a water pump? After attaining permission, a water pump was fitted, children and parents receiving clean water for the first time.

Then they visited the brickyards… nothing could prepare them for this!

The heat of the day was inescapable for them, God help those families working in it long hours. Meeting the manager of the brickyard, to him it was just a job and the families were just another number. But then…

Seeing children from the age of six upwards, and their parents, working away in the mud, children with no footwear, some even with no clothes, working with no complaints, for if they don’t work, they don’t get paid. If they don’t get paid then they don’t get food. When they make 1,000 bricks they receive $4, (£3.30).

As a large number of these families are Christian, the day Maurice and Maureen arrived they were allowed to have a church service before departure from the brickyard.

Overwhelmed with what they witnessed within the brickyards, they travelled to the church building: a building that the children and parents had built with their own hands using the bricks of the factory. Each one arrived into the building washed: water was still dropping off them and took their seats. Within seconds from the youngest to the oldest were clapping and singing, one would have thought they had just received the best ever present. Yet, this was them… working in extreme conditions; but when it was time to worship God, they give Him their all.

We  would love if you were able to help us rescue these children and parents from these brickyards, some of which are being sexually abused by the owners and their friends of the yards. Time is… Precious!

As part of our vision it is vital that we can educate, train and employ those that we have reached, and in turn allow them to reach others.

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