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rescue their cry

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Rescue Their Cry

Their only voice; the cry of their heart!

Why does it happen?

In some cases, families have been enslaved for years, third and fourth generation! Learn what makes it happen?

Food For All

If the children/families are not able to work, they don’t receive money for food. Help us supply food parcels!


Sometimes it takes more than a hope, it takes action. Learn how your action can rescue the lives of these precious children!

Impoverish Culture

Millions of people in South Asia are illiterate and for these people, they are taken advantage of. Others can be well educated but can't find employment due to their race. Example 1: A farmer's crop may fail and their immediate need is to feed their family. Due to not having now the money to buy food, they sign a loan...

Help Us Stop Child labour

Their only voice; the cry of their heart!

Child Labourers

Imagine if it was your own grandchild or child that has been taken away and forced into brickyard slavery? With your help, we will make a difference!

We witnessed it firsthand

Their only voice; the cry of their heart!

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